You are here because you already recognize the need for the right team, your team of Big Thinkers.  Entrepreneurs are their own "big thinkers" and undoubtedly very good at what they do, but will be the first to admit that they have to have a great team around them to fill in the gaps in knowledge and experience.  Big Thinkers is that right team!


Business & Management Consulting


This One-On-One call with Big Thinkers is scheduled to review your current business vision, ensure your branding and marketing supports your vision and your strategy is on target to match your path to business growth. A component of the call also includes creating action plans, discussing long and short term goals and pivoting critical points of growth in your favor.

Event Planning


We will take that those great ideas you have and pull it all together for you and design the perfect perfect event.


Strategic Initial Consulting | Concept Development | Event Plan | Supplier Solicitation & Contract Negotiation




Big Thinkers can help integrate your business strategy throughout your company by outlining the steps it will take to achieve your goals.  Anyalyis, integration and implementation.




Media Buying - Television, Radio, Print,  and digital.




Define & Develop


Graphic Design


Full Service Graphic Design also available


Public Relations


Generate Media Coverage


Media Alerts


Press Release Writing and Distribution 


Social Media Marketing


In today's world businesses are finding they can no longer rely on traditional advertising to attract new customers.  Social Media Marketing now allows a business to open their doors to a larger audience.             


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,  Blog, Pinterest, YouTube


Specialties: Consulting, Strategy, Engagement, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Social Selling, Networking and Connecting.


Website Development


Full-service, professional, and custom designed, small business websites that allow for self managed capability using our CMS software, including mobile website solutions and custom web development. 


Sponsorship Strategist.


The days of Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship levels are long gone.  So are the days of companies just handing you a check.  You now need to come up with some creative ideas on how your sponsorship proposal works in line with their company marketing and advertising objectives.  You need to get their attention and get your proposal on top of the pile of proposals they already have on their desk.


Design Persuasive Sponsorship Packages  


Sponsorship Solicitation



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